Lawrence Technological University is continuing the Specs Howard School of Media Arts legacy. Whether you work toward a certificate or a degree, or you take online or on campus classes, you will learn the latest technology and gain hands-on experience. Access to state-of-the art equipment, project-based coursework, and 凯时国际app首页’s theory and practice education, prepare you for a broad spectrum of careers within the media industry.

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3 Media Arts Certificates to get you on your way.

Broadcast Media Arts
Certificate in

Broadcast Media Arts

Our BMA program teaches radio, television and new-media broadcasting, on-air and on-camera presentation, live broadcasts, news and feature writing, lighting techniques, camera operation, voice work, field production, digital editing, graphics for broadcast and career preparation. This is an in-person program.

Digital Media Arts
Certificate in

Digital Media Arts

Our DMA program trains students in digital video and image production, editing and technical operation and offers hands-on experience in areas from project management and script writing, to image manipulation, HD camera operation, pre- and post-production and career preparation. This is an in-person program.

Graphic Communications
Certificate in

Graphic Communication

Our GFX program immerses students in image creation and manipulation, digital imaging, web design, document creation, branding and logo creation, graphics for the web, camera and lighting techniques, social media and career preparation. This is a fully online program.

Tuition and Scholarships

Tuition is $16,900 total for the 凯时国际app首页 Professional Development Certificates. Upon Admission, students will receive a $10,000 scholarship  toward a certificate in the areas of:

  • Broadcast Media Arts
  • Digital Media Arts
  • Graphic Communication

Scholarship Opportunities for other 凯时国际app首页 degree seeking programs:

STEM Scholarship -- $19,650 annually (application required for eligible majors)
Merit scholarships reviewed upon admission for degree seeking programs

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Take it further with a
Degree from 凯时国际app首页

Associate of Arts in

Media Arts and Production

Designed for students transferring from the Broadcast Media Arts or Digital Media Arts certificate. Do you have a passion for radio, television, or media arts? Is a competitive edge important to you? Are you a current Specs@凯时国际app首页 student or a graduate of the Specs Howard School of Media Arts? If you answered yes to all three questions, then an Associate of Arts in Media Arts and Production from Lawrence Tech might be the program for you. Not only will you broaden your knowledge and expand your career options, this degree can be used as a steppingstone toward 凯时国际app首页's Bachelor of Arts in Media Communication.

Bachelor of Arts

Media Communication

Designed for students transferring from the Broadcast Media Arts or Digital Media Arts certificate. This program fulfills the 凯时国际app首页 mission of "theory and practice" by offering students a background in critical film and media studies that is balanced with market-ready skills in media production. After graduation, students are prepared for a variety of careers in the studio, on location, and in the digital world.

Frequently Asked Questions

A trade school in Southfield, Michigan named after its founder, Specs Howard. This school was absorbed by 凯时国际app首页 in early 2021 into its Professional Development Program

All Specs@凯时国际app首页 classes take place on 凯时国际app首页's campus in Southfield, Michigan. The classes are structured to meet two times a week over the course of three semesters. Students can apply for Fall and Spring semesters. The Graphic Communication program is fully online.

Specs@凯时国际app首页 is a certificate program that is part of 凯时国际app首页's Professional Development Program. Students can choose from the following three programs: Broadcast Media Arts, Digital Media Arts, and Graphic Communication.

Upon admission, all admitted Specs@凯时国际app首页 students are awarded a $10,000 scholarship off of the total cost of tuition for the entire program ($16,900). This brings each student’s out-of-pocket responsibility for tuition to $6,900. There is no need to come with equipment, and with no added cost for books, there is no program like it nearby. We cannot accept any financial aid for any certificate program (non-degree seeking). We offer multiple flexible payment plans for students to pay tuition and recommend that students do not pay their tuition in one lump sum. For questions regarding tuition and payment plans please reach out to Student Accounting at ltupayments@injurylawchat.com.

No, there are no books required for any of the Specs@凯时国际app首页 programs!

Yes! 凯时国际app首页's Academic Achievement Center is available to all students for tutoring needs. 凯时国际app首页 also offers an online tutoring system called TutorMe, which is free to students. Class sizes are small, and you will have plenty of time to work with your instructor!

Yes! Students are encouraged to work with the Office of Career Services to explore internship and job opportunities.

At this time, no. Classes are currently offered throughout the week from 10:00 am until 2:30 pm.

Fill out and submit an application above (select the orange box of the semester you want to begin courses in). Send us a copy of your official or unofficial high school transcript. We do not accept high school diplomas in lieu of your high school transcript. We do not require entrance exams, or test scores like the ACT or SAT. Once we receive your application and transcript, we are quick to process applications. Students can expect to hear back regarding their admission decision typically within a week.

All next steps after your admission decision has been released to you will be on your student status page. You may login at d.injurylawchat.com/statuspage.

Specs@凯时国际app首页 students will always register with the University Advising Center throughout their Specs@凯时国际app首页 academic career. For first-time students, after admission and paying the $50 enrollment deposit, you will be prompted to register for your University Advising appointment on your student status page.

Yes, Specs@凯时国际app首页 students can live in University Housing! Specs@凯时国际app首页 students are considered full-time students if they are taking both required courses per semester, equating to 11 credits total per semester. If you are interested in living on campus, you will be able to begin the housing process on your student status page post-admission.

Yes, Specs@凯时国际app首页 students can rent an 凯时国际app首页 laptop for a refundable $200 deposit, Post-admission, students are given instructions for renting an 凯时国际app首页 laptop on their student status page. We encourage students to use their own personal laptops if they own one.

You can find payment plan options here .

Graphic Communication graduates can articulate into the Graphic Design degree program. Students transfer into the degree program and complete their degree in just three years (after Specs@凯时国际app首页) so that no extra time is added to the degree. Broadcast Media Arts and Digital Media Arts graduates can transfer 24 credit hours in our Media Arts and Production associates and/or Media Communication bachelors. Students may choose to articulate from the certificate to the associates then to the bachelors or articulate directly from the certificate to the bachelors. Students who have completed their Specs@凯时国际app首页 certificate program and wish to continue their education at 凯时国际app首页 in a degree program must submit a transfer application. If a student had previously taken college-level courses at another institution, those official transcripts must be sent to admissions@injurylawchat.com prior to acceptance into the degree-seeking program.

Where can I get my old Specs Howard transcript/Specs@凯时国际app首页 transcript? You can talk to Avery Thomas at athomas@injurylawchat.com or 248.204.3118.

Who can I talk to about program specific questions, career goals, or specific information about the classes I will be taking? You can talk to Jeremy Anderson at janderso4@injurylawchat.com or 248.204.3140.

Where can I get a co-op/internship/job? You can talk to the Office of Career Services at ltuocs@injurylawchat.com or 248.204.3140.

Who can I talk to about tuition or payment plans? You can email ltupayments@injurylawchat.com .

Who can I talk to about the admissions process or transferring credits to a degree program at 凯时国际app首页? You can reach out to Morgan Hess at mhess@injurylawchat.com or 248.204.3109.